Things One Must Know About Dental Implants Zurich?

Since the mid-1960s dental implant is being used as a replacement for missing teeth. But in recent years the usage of dental implants have become more popular. You can use a dental implant to support the crowns as a replacement of missing teeth.

An implant is made from titanium. It is a type of metal that is known for its compatibility with the body tissues, moreover, it also has the capability of binding with an adjacent bone while healing. Hence, dental implants are safe and one of the most convenient way of replacing your lost teeth and give it a natural look.

Before doing implant you must know the reasons why you should do implants. Let us discuss the reasons for which one must go with implantation of teeth.

There are various reasons why one must do Zahnimplantat zürich (dental implants Zurich) over those conventional crowns, dentures, and bridges. Some of the benefits of implants that make popular among the crowd are as follows.

  • Implants will give you the same result as your natural teeth. In fact, you won’t face any kind of difficulties while eating or cleaning your teeth.
  • An implant is also used for maintaining the structure of the bone beneath your replaced tooth.
  • If you get dental implants then it won’t be necessary for you to use any kind of special glue for holding the false teeth in its place.
  • Dental implants not only look natural but it also feels the same.
  • You don’t have to file down your other healthy teeth so that they can act as a support for your missing tooth or teeth.
  • An implant can also be used for giving your removal dentures a firm grip.

Before you try something any new product don’t you take note about its every detail such as who uses the product, what is the product made of, and many other details like this? It is the same with dental implant also. Before you go for your dental implant it is essential that you know every minute detail about it.

Knowing the benefits of Zahnimplantat zürich (dental implant Zurich) is good but it equally important to know what does a dental implant consists of?

A dental implant is made of a titanium screw or cylinder which can be approximately 8 or 16 mm long. This screw is then inserted in a bony socket in the jaw which ultimately acts as the replacement root for your missing tooth.

There is also a special attachment known as the abutment and it is fitted on the top of the implant. This works as an external connection for your new replaced tooth (crown) or teeth (bridge or denture).

During the process of healing the implant fuses with the surrounding bone and this process is known as osseointegration. This process can take almost 3-6 months to complete. Once this process is over you implant becomes stable for supporting one or more false teeth.

What is the process involved during an implant treatment?

  • Examination

When you visit a dentist for dental implant they will first discuss the potential courses of treatment that are open for you and next they will conduct an overall examination of your mouth.

Radiographs of your jaws will be taken so that your doctor can take a look into the shape and condition of your bone tissue. It is also done to see the positions of important structure, for example, sinuses, and nerves which are close to the place where the implant has to be done.

  • Insertion of the implant

The doctor will do the implant either by one-stage method or two-stage method.

In the one-stage process, the doctor has to fit the implant on the prepared bone and then attach the healing cap.

In the stage two process, the zahnarzt Horgen (dentist Horgen) will place a cover screw on the top of the implant and the gum is then sewed for the time of healing.

  • Preparation of teeth and impression

When the gums heal the dentist will take an impression of the mouth. This is done so that a model of your teeth can be made for the construction of a crown or bridge.

  • Fitting of crown or bridge

You should keep an eye on the main factors during selection of the right Dental Crowns. After the crown and bridge are prepared the dentist will cement them on the abutments over the dental implants. Then they will check whether your lower and upper teeth are working comfortably or not especially when you bite. But

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