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Current promotion – August 2015
Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening – The Price List
Unrepeatable Offers in August

There is no doubt the price list at Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening is straightforward.
Because it gets straight to the point and hides NO extras.
The figures you see below are exactly what you pay, no more.

Optima Whitening Whitening is offering some fantastic savings on our normal prices.
But hurry these offers will only be around for a limited period of time.

• 1 person price – Regularly £279 – Limited offer £159 – SAVING YOU £120 • 2 person price – Regularly £450 – Limited offer £300 – SAVING YOU £125… EACH!!! • 3 person price – Regularly £700 – Limited offer £400 – SAVING YOU £100… EACH!!!

The price includes: –
1. full consultation with our specialist – for each person
2. the laser whitening treatment – for each person
3. a free home maintenance kit – worth £59 – for each person

Looking for a MEGA deal?

Call us for cancellation or late deals to fill clinic space.

CALL US NOW ON 0121 285 0654

Nothing else, other than the prices above, will appear on your invoice.

Remember this is a limited time offer.

Home Maintenance Kit
The free home maintenance kit allows you to maintain your brilliant white smile. It is a simple to use kit and allows you to refresh your white smile every four to eight weeks.

Important Note
Multiple treatment offers can only be received when the party receive their treatments together.

Returning Customer Offers
If you have previously had your teeth whitened by Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening we can offer you a whitening top-up, for the excellent price of £95.00

We are always available for your queries; just contact Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening on the following number: – 0121 285 0654

Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening are committed to giving you that brilliant white confident smile you have always dreamed about, at an exceptional price.

If you have any questions please feel free to CALL US NOW ON 0121 285 0654