We may not think that way but our teeth that have gone through years of abuse which results in yellow or discolored teeth. This abuse may be caused by excess of smoking or intake of tobacco, having food which have high caffeine concentration, accumulation of plaque over the years, stains etc. Another factor that plays an important role is time. All of these combined, results in stained or discolored teeth. It is a known fact that yellow teeth have an adverse effect on our perception of us. The first thing that anybody notices in our face is our teeth. Nobody wants to look at yellow teeth let alone interact with people who have those teeth. White teeth have an important role not just in our appearances but also in boosting our confidence and of our self esteem. With the change in time teeth whitening techniques have gone through a lot of changes. Laser teeth whitening treatment are the most popular teeth whitening treatment available in the market.

Over the recent years teeth whitening in Birmingham have gone through tremendous change with Optima White. Backed by years of experience, our sole focus is to provide quality experience to our customers. Our aim is to not just fulfill our customer’s expectations but to exceed them. We understand that with every new technology there are creating apprehensions of users as a result our team of experts answer all your questions before beginning the treatment. It is only after your approval that we go forward with the treatment. We have flexible appointments over the weekend and even in the evening to suit your needs. We offer peroxide free whitening experience. With our laser technology you will see drastic and instantaneous results. Since we know that every customer is different with different needs, our treatments are designed to keeping them in mind.

In Birmingham, teeth whitening prices are best at Optima White. Here we know the importance of white teeth and that is why we don’t charge you with hidden costs. Less than 200 pounds we offer pre-consultation with our specialists, laser teeth whitening treatment and a home maintenance kit to makes sure that you have a longer lasting smile. However, this is a limited time offer only. We also offer group discounts.