Laser Teeth Whitening Staffordshire

Your smile is the most visible part of your overall appearance, and it makes a ton of difference to have a beautiful pearly white smile that dazzles the world.
We believe this is why so many people choose to have their teeth whitened at Optima White Laser Teeth Whitening in Staffordshire.

What is Laser Tooth Whitening
Laser technology completely takes away the stress of painful anaesthetics, numb lips and cheeks, and the discomfort of machine polishing.
Patients who just need to have their teeth whitened will love our laser offering. It’s quick, painless, and affordable.

Areas we cover in Staffs
Stoke on Trent, Tamworth , Newcastle under Lyme ,Burton upon Trent , Stafford , Lichfield , Cannock , Burntwood , Kidsgrove

Our whitening technicians will give your teeth a quick professional inspection to ensure suitability for the technique, and most patients have no problems.
Then, a bleach gel is applied to the teeth, taking special care not to miss the gaps between teeth so that the entire tooth is treated.

Then a harmless LED laser light beam is passed over the teeth which allows the bleaching agent to go to work. We control the timing of the light source, usually over two fifteen minute sessions, to give you the perfect white smile.

Laser teeth whitening won’t harm your gums, and the overwhelming majority of patients don’t experience any sensitivity at all, although a small amount of tingling can be common.

It takes about an hour to lighten your teeth by 6-12 shades, and for most people that is enough for them to leave our clinic smiling with bright white teeth.

Choose Your Smile

The reason Hollywood celebrities are so photogenic isn’t always down to expensive clothes and jewellery. In fact, open the pages of any gossip magazine and you’ll see that big smiles and bright white teeth make a far larger impact.

You can even choose the shade of white you want to achieve, because we understand that some people prefer to be more discreet about their dental care.

We use the Vita bleach Shade Guide to help you pick the tone of white you want. Our patients love being able to pick their shade of white to more closely match crowns and implants they may already have.

Teeth whitening in Staffordshire just couldn’t get any easier.

For a very reasonable cost you get pain-free whiter teeth without any of the inconvenience.

Laser whitening takes less time than having your hair styled and coloured, so it’s also convenient to do before major events like weddings.

You too could soon be smiling from ear to ear with Optima White and the very affordable laser teeth whitening solution we offer.

Optima White

Good Job

Shining smile was my dream as I was famous for my pale teeth. But thanks to the instant and effective laser treatment by Optima White. I regained my smile and confidence.


Awesome Service

I wasn’t sure about teeth whitening procedure but because of my yellow teeth, I still went for this treatment. To my surprise, my teeth were completely transformed for good, never thought my teeth can look so beautiful. Thank you guys.

– Joel