Laser Teeth Whitening in Birmingham

What is Staining Your Teeth?

Over time, your teeth can get visibly stained and lose their natural white colour for some reason. Tea, coffee and wine contain strong pigments that stick to the tooth enamel, slowly engulfing the white surface.

Other staining culprits include tobacco and certain medications, especially antibiotics. Most staining substances, whether foods or chemicals, will tend to make the consumer’s teeth either dark, brown or yellow, depending on the specific staining element contained in them and their concentration too.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is a modern procedure designed to whiten stained teeth and restore their natural white colour.

One benefit of using laser teeth whitening over other procedures is the short period in which customers are satisfied with the results.

Using laser technology is also safer, simple and straightforward and can be performed in the comfort of your home or office.

Why Choose Optima?

Stained teeth can affect the quality of life by ruining your smiles or even bringing your confidence down. No one enjoys sitting in the midst of friends and not being able to laugh out loud at jokes, or even worse, not able to smile back at the camera.

Public events such as weddings, parties, dates and interviews require one to smile periodically and show some form of self-confidence; how do you smile with confidence when your teeth are stained?

Brushing your teeth and even flossing on a daily basis is not enough to keep the stains away. Your teeth will still require teeth whitening treatment on a regular basis to keep them white and healthy.

If you feel like your teeth are duller than they used to be, Optima laser teeth whitening Birmingham treatment is what you need.

While there are other alternatives to whiten stained teeth, those procedures may not be safe and are not as effective as laser teeth whitening. Other procedures include bleaching, crest whitening strips, zoom whitening and dental bleaching trays.

Whereas these procedures offer cheap teeth whitening solutions on a do-it-yourself approach, they can cause permanent damage to your gums and mouth if not properly used.

It is advisable to stay away from these procedures and only let a professional whiten your teeth using safer ways such as the laser method. We offer teeth whitening Birmingham services at the convenience of our customers.

Optima dental professionals will visit you to perform the teeth whitening procedures in the comfort and privacy of your home. We love the family setting and will offer massive discounts if more than three members of your family receive the service.

Your family gets whiter teeth in private while saving money and time simultaneously, how cool is that!

Our teeth whitening Birmingham service is a simple process. No complex procedures or pain during the treatment. Our modern laser technology will remove both extrinsic and intrinsic stains, leaving your teeth hygienically clean.

Optima has made it its culture to offer free professional advice to our customers on the type of diet and habits to avoid so your teeth can stay whiter for longer before you book your next session.

Which Areas Does Optima Cover in Birmingham?

Optima Laser Teeth Whitening Birmingham services are available in all major towns and cities in Birmingham.

Areas below are where we cover in the Birmingham area if not, you can contact us and get information on how you can receive the same services at any of our clinics near you.

We have made it our commitment to expand our network and cover more homes and families.

  • Aston
  • Witton
  • Kings Norton
  • Minworth
  • Woodgate
  • Tamworth
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Alvechurch
  • Springfield
  • Austin Village
  • Dudley
  • Water Orton
  • Meriden

Optima White

Affordable treatment

Consultations process alone was so nice that the end result became a bonus!

– Marshal

Good Job

Optima White’s Teeth Whitening is so quick and effective. I just love the results on my teeth. It feels good to have teeth that shine like a diamond.


Excellent Job

Optima White helped me regain my confident smile as now my teeth have a true white look. Thanks to their doctors.