Laser Teeth Whitening Worcestershire

Laser Whitening – What is it?

Teeth can become discoloured over time owing to the various foods and juices that we consume. Laser teeth whitening is a process that can reverse this discolouration and can help to restore the natural colour to your smile. With laser treatment you do not need to make countless visits or have numerous treatments to achieve the perfect smile, the treatment can be completed in one 60-minute session.

What will happen during treatment?

When you use our service you can expect to have a full consultation before treatment commences. During this consultation we will guide you through the process and allow you the chance to peruse our Vita Bleaching Shade Guide to allow you to choose the colour you require, before we commence the process. Once we know what shade we are aiming for, we can start the treatment. We will begin by applying a de-sensitizer to ensure you are comfortable throughout. After this, the whitening gel is painted onto the teeth and the laser positioned to do the hard work of activating the gel and speeding the lightening. There is no need to worry about the gel that we use to achieve our fantastic results, it is completely chemical and bleach free.

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What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Whitening your teeth can have make have an amazing effect on self-confidence. When teeth are discoloured people can find themselves going through life trying to hide them. This can mean, not smiling or perhaps even, not talking to people. Imagine then, the effect that reversing the discolouration can have, it can only serve to improve social lives and thus lead to increased happiness. Having a smile that you are proud of can improve your life in so many ways, it can help you make great first impressions, leading to so many potential new experiences. You could also consider laser teeth whitening ahead of a special occasion, such as a wedding or a glitzy party to ensure that your smile does not spoil your special day.

Why mobile treatment?

We have a fully mobile unit, so, if you do not wish to visit one of our clinics, we can visit you at home or at work, at a time convenient to you. Treatment at home, or in a familiar setting can ensure that you are fully comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. This will make it easier on you. All we need when we visit you is space for our couch, a power supply and reasonable lighting. We can make group bookings, so, if you have family members or friends who are considering teeth whitening, why not do it together and take advantage of our group discount? More good news, is that we can arrange appointments in the evening or during the weekend, so your appointment can always be at a time truly convenient to you.


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Awesome Service

I was completely hopeless to find the expert teeth whitening service before I met Optimal White. I am really satisfied with the results. Laser treatment is just the best.


Good Job

Never thought whitening my teeth was so easy, it took just an hour and the treatment was completely painless. It is much better than going to a dentist.

– Byron

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I was not sure about getting a laser whitening treatment, but the doctors at Optima White are real experts who helped me a lot through the process.

– Baker