Laser teeth whitening prices – Optima White

 Current promotion – February 2019

The Price List

  •  Home Visit Prices –

    1 person – Normal price £289.99 – THIS MONTHS PRICE £189.00 

    2 people – Normal price £460.00 – THIS MONTHS PRICE £340.00 (£175.00 per person)

  • Clinic Prices –

    1 person  – Normal price £289.99 – THIS MONTHS PRICE £210.00

    2 People – Normal price £460.00 – THIS MONTHS PRICE £390.00

  • Both Clinic & Home Appointments have a Consulation and Laser whitening treatment, per person included in the Price!

  • Top up treatment to refresh the teeth for only £139.00 for Optima existing customers.

The price includes: –
1. full consultation with our specialist – for each person
2. the laser whitening treatment – for each person

Nothing else, other than the prices above, will appear on your invoice.
Remember this is a limited time offer.

Important Note
Multiple treatment offers can only be received when the party receive their treatments together.

Returning Customer Offers
If you have previously had your teeth whitened by Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening we can offer you a whitening top-up, for the excellent price of £139.00


Optima Whitening Teeth Whitening are committed to giving you that brilliant white confident smile you have always dreamed about, at an exceptional price.

Optima White

Excellent Service

With work hours stretching like never before I couldn’t find a clinic suitable time and those that I could find charged extra for evening hours. After searching on the net I found Optima White that did laser teeth whitening at the same price and at a time suitable to be. Needless to say, I’m very happy with their work and can smile.”

– Kelly Richard

Affordable Treatment

There is nothing more painful than people avoiding you for your looks but this world works like that only. I was really ashamed of my discoloured teeth and due to that reason, didn’t socialize much. But thankfully those days are over now. With Optima White’s help, I got that picture perfect smile and bright white teeth that everyone craves for.

– Sheffield

Awesome Service

Knowingly, white teeth attract people. I would like to recommend Optima White to all in need.

– Hughes

Good Work Guys

Whitening my teeth was a new experience for me and thank god I chose Optima White for the treatment. After going through a completely painless procedure I got beautiful white teeth.