FAQ’s laser teeth whitening

Will Laser Whitening make my teeth whiter?

The simple answer is “Yes.” Laser Whitening is a proven teeth whitening treatment and makes a noticeable difference to the colour of your teeth, giving you the confidence to display them when you smile.

Does everyone end up with the same shade of white in their smile?

Not everyone’s teeth are the same; some may whiten more than others. However, all teeth will become whiter than their original colour.

We use the ‘Vita Bleach Shade Guide’ that allows you to select the exact shade of white you want your smile to be. Typically customers will achieve somewhere between 5-10 shades whiter.

I don’t want my teeth too white – can I prevent this?

Yes, we will agree with you before the treatment exactly how white the teeth will change so, therefore, your in control at all times.

How long will my Laser Whitening smile last?

Again everyone’s teeth are different, so the length of time your teeth stay white will vary. With most teeth, the treatment lasts between 18 and 24 months before requiring a top-up.

Can I do anything to keep the results longer?

Yes, you can do several things. Firstly by having good dental hygiene is essential to keep the teeth whiter for longer.

Secondly visit the dentist frequently, and lastly, you can try some home whitening to work alongside the laser whitening as this will maintain your new white smile for longer.

I smoke will this effect the outcome or results?

Smokers teeth can be whitened fine and in fact, can give some of the best results after whitening. We suggest that smokers maybe look at whitening at home to supplement your new white smile or even having the whitening done by Optima every 18-24 months to re-boost your teeth’s colour white again!

What is the minimum age?

We only treat customers 18 years old and above.

I need some work doing at my dentist should I wait?

If you need to have some important dental work then yes its best to get that done first and then the whitening afterwards.

I need to have some fillings, crowns, caps or veneers need replacing when the best time is?

It’s best to get these replaced AFTER the whitening as the new colour achieved after whitening will set the benchmark for matching the new cosmetic teeth. This will all the teeth will match perfectly.

I am over 55 will this matter?

No, it’s great to get a white smile and whitening will help reverse the gain effect.

I am worried my teeth will be too sensitive for Laser Whitening, should I worry?

Don’t worry; we use a de-sensitizing agent during the treatment to ensure you suffer little discomfort.

Is there some sensitivity after the whitening treatment?

Yes, you can expect some minor sensitivity for 24 hours post-treatment is typical for 50% of customers we treat.

Is this a one-off treatment or can I have Laser Whitening again?

The Laser Whitening treatment can be repeated normally after about 12-24 months. The bonus with Optima White is that you will only pay £99 for a second or subsequent treatment.

Will I have to attend countless teeth whitening sessions to get my teeth the right shade?

All our treatments are completed in just one visit which lasts approximately 75 minutes. The session includes a full consultation and treatment.

If I have a problem with the Laser Whitening treatment can I come back to you and will I incur further charges?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your Laser Whitening treatment, we guarantee to make any corrections without charge.

Our integrity is important to us, so we need you to have had an excellent experience.

I work office hours and find it impossible to make appointments during weekdays.

Will this stop me having my teeth Laser Whitened?

For no extra cost we can arrange evening and weekend appointments, so don’t worry you won’t be punished for being a 9 to 5 worker.

I belong to a group, and several of us would like to have our teeth Laser Whitened.

Do you offer any discounts for group bookings?

It’s not strange at all. We quite often have more than one customer from a family or group who wish to book together. On these occasions, we offer a group booking discount. Contact us to discover how much you can save.

I have several fillings and a crown will you be able to make my fillings and crown match my teeth?

Because fillings, crowns and veneers are man-made products, they cannot be whitened more than their original colour.

Laser Whitening will clean them and remove any staining, but they will only ever return to their original colour.

We agree with you before the treatment that any fillings, crowns, caps or veneers will end up matching the natural tooth colour so there will be no surprises.

Will I have any difficulty finding your clinics?

No, our network of 25+ clinics are spread all over the UK, so finding one near you will not be a problem.

Are your staff trained and insured?

All Optima staff are trained and insured to perform laser teeth whitening treatments so you are in good hands!

What causes our teeth to become discoloured and stained?

Over our lifetimes we eat and drink an assortment of foods and liquids, some which can affect our teeth. Probably the worst culprit is smoking.

However, coffee, tea, some soft drinks, fruit juices, curries and other strong foods can also cause discolouration and staining.

It is important that you avoid smoking and eating and drinking these types of products for at least 24 hours after your treatment, as the pores of the teeth are open and will stain easily.

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