Optima customer stories

Jean’s story: from smoker to a great smile

34 year old Jean confessed that she had always been a heavy smoker. Years of smoking meant that her teeth showed signs of yellowing. They had started to discolour, and there were some brown patches evident on her teeth.

Jean said “I feel very embarrassed when I go out with my friends. I am a very social person, but when I smile I get self conscious about the appearance of my teeth”. We recommended that Jean visited our treatment centre to find out about our whitening service.

This is a quick and easy service that does not use painful treatments such as peroxide. Moreover, it can be performed in only one relatively short session.

Now that Jean has experienced our teeth whitening service she can go out with new found confidence, and her smile has returned.

The treatment has even made Jean think about how much she has been smoking as she wishes to preserve the shining white look of her teeth. Jean said “The procedure has given me a whole new lease of life”.

Gerry’s story: whitening with sensitive teeth and gums

At 24, Gerry had always suffered from sensitive teeth and gums. He said “Even brushing my teeth causes some pain and irritation. My teeth and gums are very sensitive when eating some foods, and this can cause soreness”.

Gerry wanted his teeth whitened, but was very apprehensive about whether this would cause him any pain. Fortunately, we were able to reassure Gerry that the treatment would be painless and that it would not irritate his teeth or gums.

Gerry was very pleased with his teeth whitening and the way in which it has changed his whole approach to his appearance. He said “This whole process has been a revelation for me.

I thought that the sensitivity of my teeth would mean that it would not be possible for me to have my teeth whitened without causing significant pain. I am pleased to say that your service has proven me wrong”.

Namita’s story: coffee stains

41 year old Namita had a passion for her job in marketing, but also drank a great deal of coffee. She said “With my busy job and hectic lifestyle, many of my client meetings are in coffee shops where I consume a great deal of coffee during the days.

Unfortunately, this means that my teeth have accumulated some coffee stains and marks over the years. Brushing does not seem to help to get rid of the stains”. We were able to show Namita evidence of how our treatment could lead to whiter teeth very quickly and efficiently.

We would expect after treatment that Namita would have to follow a diet of eating foods with a lack of colour (called a ‘white diet’) for a short period after the treatment. The advantage of our teeth whitening service is that it can be topped up, on a regular basis, at a minimal cost.

Namita was very pleased with her teeth whitening and can now consume her coffee in the confidence that it will not impact upon the look of her teeth. Namita said “There are many cheap, ineffective, providers of teeth whitening.

However, the advantage here is quality, there is no cutting corners, and I would recommend this service to anyone”.

David’s story: fear of dentists

54 year old David was a local television presenter who read the news and weather. However, despite his high profile role, David was scared about any treatment which involved his teeth.

David said “I’ve always been petrified of dentists. When I was a boy, my Mum would take me to a dentist and even sitting in the waiting room, hearing the sound of the drill, would make me worry.

Even though the treatment was never as bad as I thought it would be, I still worry about visiting the dentist. It even gives me nightmares”. When someone at the studio suggested that David should have his teeth whitened those fears came back.

David said “I was nervous about my first appointment, but the person that I saw gave me reassurance that this was perfectly normal. They told me that I did not need to worry about the treatment which would be brief and painless.

Indeed it was! I hardly noticed the procedure and the calmness with which it was conducted was very different from my experience at the dentist”.

Now David visits our studios regularly to have his teeth whitened. He is very impressed with our attention to detail, and our follow-up customer service.

Optima White

Good Job

With Optima White there is no waiting period for the appointment. I got my same day appointment with quality service.

– Connor

Excellent Work

Because of my smoking habit my teeth were turning hideous so when my wife asked me to get this treatment, I thought of giving it a try. To my amazement, the result was wonderful, my teeth are white and shining like anything.

– Moore