The Confidence of a Smile

A smile is the most doting element of humanity. It gives a sense of belonging and pride, especially amongst peers. Teeth are the light of a smile. Besides giving someone confidence, it’s the nerve of beauty, which is well observed from the sentiments from customers.

The Optima Experience

Teeth have a lot of deformities, caused by a variety of daily ingestions. Unfortunately, some of them are habits that cannot be discarded. Jan, who was a heavy smoker, had lost her amazing smile due to her discoloured teeth, but thanks to Optima White, she can now afford back her smile.

The fear of losing your teeth is horrendous, especially to the dentist. Not that it is painful, but the crunching of teeth sends a chilling shiver down the spine. We have a remedy for such people, as David, a Television presenter, will tell you. Such trips were a nightmare, but since he tried the experience, he doesn’t mind going back for teeth whitening.

For marketers, your image matters to the client. They sell ideas about a brand, but before the client buys the plan, he has to buy your appearance first. This might compromise your looks, especially if you have to take caffeine, which stains the teeth. If you doubt our remedy to such conditions, please talk to Naomi, a 41 years old Marketer.

Why Optima has the Best Smiles

  • The technology used to whiten teeth is practical. The Vita Bleach Shade Guide gives the dentist a procedure to whiten the teeth. It also shows the customer the possible outcome of the program. Still, on technology, we use tooth desensitising gel that not only reduces sensitivity but also prevents the teeth from re-staining.
  • Workforce and capacity are also our strength. We have over 25 branches and laser white technology specialist in major towns. Such capacity and equipment consume less time to conduct the procedure. That is why we don’t drag the process unnecessarily. The whole process from the step-in through to step-out takes one session, which is approximately a day’s job. Also, we offer discounts to repeat customers and referrals.

Customer Feedback

S from Birmingham

I went for the power whitening treatment at Optima White, and now I am glad of it as my teeth are as white as never before.

I from Coventry

The process alone was so nice that the end result became a bonus!

Great staff n good job on my teeth! So clean n white!

D from Birmingham

With work hours stretching like never before I couldn’t find a clinic suitable time and those that I could find charged extra for evening hours. After searching on the net I found Optima White that did laser teeth whitening at the same price and at a time suitable to be. Needless to say, I’m very happy with their work and can smile.

K from Dudley

It takes only an hour to change from a yellow dirty set to pearly set. Now I can smile whenever I want with no embarrassment.

S from Walsall

Never thought that I would be able to whiten my teeth in one sitting considering the time I’ve had to spend with my dentist. I was able to save a fortune at Optima White.

R from Birmingham

Not just cost effective but also gives discounts when there is more than one person for procedure. So it’s a double bonus.

F from Leicester

It’s great to have white and clean teeth without pain. I got it at Optima White. I got it done with my convenience. Weekend appointments are just facilitating.

H from Bromsgrove

I was completely hopeless to find the expert teeth whitening service before I met Optimal White. I am really satisfied with the results. Laser treatment is just the best.

C from Nottingham

Shining smile was my dream as I was famous for my pale teeth. But thanks to the instant and effective laser treatment by Optima White. I regained my smile and confidence.

L from Tamworth

Knowingly, white teeth attract people. I would like to recommend Optima White to all in need.

T from Leamington Spa

Fast, effect and pain less are just the fabulous features of Optima White according to me. Truly affordable and up to the mark of expectation. Great service with friendly environment. Good job.

B from Wolverhampton

Years of abuse of my teeth had made them yellow. One session at Optima White bought out a marked change in their color. Not only are they white but they look healthy too.

G from Birmingham

Thanks to the highly competent staff at Optima White, I didn’t feel as if this was my first time getting laser teeth whitening treatment. They also gave me maintenance kit.

W from Coventry

With Optima White there is no long waiting period for the appointment. I got my appointment with quality service.

L from Solihull

The staff at Optima white use safe laser teeth whitening treatment to provide instant result. Though I was scared at first but they assured me by answering all my questions.

H from Leicester

I was suffering from a severe case of depression as all the other kids in my school used to bully me because of my yellow teeth. I went to Optima White to get the problem fixed through laser teeth whitening and now I can flaunt my bright white teeth to everyone. Thank you optima white.

T from Stratford Avon

I wasn’t comfortable with a laser or any other complicated procedure to get my teeth whitened and at the same time I was extremely conscious of my yellow teeth. Then Optima White suggested me that I go through with a tray based tooth whitening method. And it helped very much.

J from Corby

In just under a month my yellow teeth are white as milk now.

Great staff and bloody brilliant work. Enough Said. My smile is now brighter than ever. All thanks to Optima White.

D from Derby

There is nothing more painful than people avoiding you for your looks but this world works like that only. I was really ashamed of my discoloured teeth and due to that reason, didn’t socialize much. But thankfully those days are over now.

C from Leicester

With OptimaWhite’s help, I got that picture perfect smile and bright white teeth that everyone craves for.

R from Birmingham

Optima white changed my life. The laser procedure took less than an hour and after getting it done, my life has completely changed. Now I can smile freely and my confidence is sky high.

D from Coventry

Optima White’s Teeth Whitening is so quick and effective. I just love the results on my teeth. It feels good to have teeth that shine like a diamond.

J from Walsall

I opted for the laser treatment here and now my teeth are white and shiny. The best thing about the treatment is that unlike others I didn’t get any sensitivity at all.

D from Derby

Optima White is the easiest and most convenient way for laser teeth whitening. I called them at my home in Oxford and get it done in comfort of my own place.

W from Market Harborough

Superb service and great job. I am a chain smoker and needless to say my teeth got yellow due to that. Optima White’s teeth whitening procedure completely reversed that. Now my smile is sparkly white again.

A from Northants

Superb work by Optima Teeth Whitening. Got a picture perfect smile now.

B from Coventry

The best part about Optima White is that, not only these people make your teeth shine, but also you can get an appointment according to your availability and that too without any hidden or extra charge.

R from Lutterworth

To my amazement, the procedure is really painless and takes just an hour of time. I recommend it to everybody who wants shiny teeth.

A from Nottingham

Never thought whitening my teeth was so easy, it took just an hour and the treatment was completely painless. It is much better than going to a dentist.

C from Kings Norton

I wasn’t sure about teeth whitening procedure but because of my yellow teeth, I still went for this treatment. To my surprise, my teeth were completely transformed for good, never thought my teeth can look so beautiful. Thank you guys.

F from Cannock

Whitening my teeth was a new experience for me and thank god I chose Optima White for the treatment. After going through a completely painless procedure I got beautiful white teeth.

W from Birmingham

I still wonder why I didn’t have this treatment earlier, my teeth are completely white and shiny now, all thanks to these people. Love my new looks.

J from Derby

I’m never going to a dentist again, this is the best teeth whitening procedure. People are nice and friendly and the procedure is quick and painless, couldn’t have asked for more.

S from Birmingham

Before my sister wedding, I went for the teeth whitening procedure and thanks to these people not only my teeth were shining like anything, but at wedding everybody was looking at me. Thanks for my beautiful teeth.

G from West Midlands

Because of my smoking habit my teeth were turning hideous so when my wife asked me to get this treatment, I thought of giving it a try. To my amazement, the result was wonderful, my teeth are white and shining like anything.

T from Leicester

hey really stood by their guarantee of teeth whitening and now I have regained the white look of my teeth. Thanks to Optima White.

S from Leamington Spa

The results of the treatment were instantly visible to everyone and I am thankful to Optima White for restoring my smile.

L from Rugby

I was not sure about getting a laser whitening treatment, but the doctors at Optima White are real experts who helped me a lot through the process.

I from Cannock

They really stood by what they had said about helping me regain my white smile. Optima White has great laser whitening treatment.

J from Birmingham

Optima White helped me regain my confident smile as now my teeth have a true white look. Thanks to their doctors.