Teeth whitening and after care diet

Now that you have had your teeth whitened by our laser treatment you need to follow some simple diet and health rules to make sure that they stay gleaming white for as long as possible.


This simple guide will help you to make the right choices to make sure that your smile lasts as long as possible. Teeth have tiny holes in them called ‘pores’ and these can take some time to fully seal after treatment.

If you eat the wrong foods during the critical time before pores close then it can cause staining as the colour will go into the pore holes. You need to stick to what is called a ‘white diet’, eating only those foods which are white and which will not stain your teeth.
For the first half and hour after your treatment it makes sense to stay away from all food and drinks other than tap, or unflavoured mineral water, as these will discolour your teeth.

It is also important that you do not smoke for at least twelve hours. You should also only brush your teeth with toothpaste and not use other treatments, or mouth wash.

The ‘white diet’ should be followed for 24 hours

What foods can you eat in the ‘white diet’ period

• White meats such as chicken, turkey or white fish. This should not be fried, or treated with spices or other things that may colour your teeth.
• Boiled rice, with no seasonings
• Fruit that is white such as bananas or apples.
• White vegetables such as white beans or cauliflower.
• A small piece of pitta bread.
• White rice and pasta with a white source.
• Skimmed milk
• White chewing gum
• Vodka, soda water
• White wine

What foods are TO BE AVOIDED in the ‘white diet’ period

• Red meats including pork, lamb and beef or any other red meat product such as bacon or sausages.
• Tuna, sardines, prawns, crab, crabsticks as these contain colourings.
• Red vegetables such as beetroot or tomatoes
• Any vegetables with colouring such as sweetcorn, carrots or peas.
• Sprouts or asparagus.
• Mushrooms
• Any type of bread other than discussed above.

This means white, brown, wholegrain bread as well as baguettes and pizza dough are off limits.
• Wholegrain or coloured pasta.
• Breakfast cereals
• Chocolate and sweets
• Full fat milk
• Butter
• Beer, red wine, spirits.

Tips to help you with your ‘white diet’

Although the basic rule is to only consume white foods there are some exceptions to this. For example, you should not consume white chocolate or white bread. It is a good idea to carry around a copy of this guidance with you so that you can stick to your white diet.

If you really are not sure that something is included on the diet then be safe and do not eat it.

It is a good idea to plan ahead for your white diet by getting and preparing food that fits with the diet. Tell your friends and family so they can help you to stick to it.

If you are going out for a meal, or for drinks, it is best to plan ahead. It is probably not a good idea to go to places where a white diet is not available or where you may not know what is in the foods.

If you need help with the after care diet contact us and we will help you

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